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Our consultants are all qualified professionals with many years of healthcare experience who understand the real challenges facing providers and healthcare managers

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Let us help optimize your processes so you can eliminate waste, enhance patient satisfaction, and increase capacity to help better serve others.

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We partner with some of the most innovative healthcare technology, professional services and medical device suppliers. These partnerships allow us to deliver our client-centered services that optimize the benefits our client-enabled solutions. If your organization is interested in establishing a strategic partner relationship with us, contact us at


We at Health-Chex provide client-centered Health Information Technology (HIT) training and consultation services that are both client-centered and grounded in adult learning theory.

From pre-implementation planning, curriculum development, and workflow design to training and go-live support, Health-Chex can help you realize your organizational goals. Effective HIT processes that support safe, efficient, and timely delivery of services don’t just happen! When you elect to use Health-Chex for your HIT project, we remain engaged throughout the process, bringing years of experience and expertise to help make your project lean and successful.

Health-Chex’s employees are seasoned in not only the healthcare industry, but adult education and learning theory as well. Our unwavering focus on training and support will benefit every level of your organization. Our results have touched everyone from the most granular end users to C-suite executive sponsors across hundreds of healthcare facilities, both nationally and internationally.  Contact us today to see how we can help you plan, design, test and implement your next HIT project!

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Our Services

Providing diagnostic workflow services to insure clinical processes support safe, effective, efficient and timely health care that is patient centered

Training and Go-Live Support

We believe in not only providing end users with a thorough understanding of your desired process or knowledge base, but also equipping future internal trainers with the necessary understanding to continue the education using our methodology and industry specific knowledge.

Implementation Assessment

Health-Chex is poised to evaluate the steps needed to either engage in an HIT implementation or analyze the effectiveness of a recently deployed HIT solution. Whether forging a road-map for your future success or taking stock of a recent investment in technology and developing an optimization plan, we can support your HIT goals.

Solution Validation

We utilize the steps common to the industry, but keep your desired outcomes central to the conversation during each step of the process. The identification of verification activity is done parallel, keeping the designer and architect aware of any last-minute edits.

Workflow Design

The most successful HIT projects begin with an examination of the current workflow and the intended impact of the solution on that workflow. In healthcare, oftentimes the patient-centered goals are to increase throughput, improve healthcare quality and safety, and improve care coordination.

Project Management

Health-Chex will work with your staff to ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget, and according to your unique specifications. We leverage our knowledge of the industry to build a foundation for success.

Curriculum Development

Health Information Technology grows more complex and diverse each day, to the point where designing and enacting effective in-house curriculum may be cost prohibitive. Let Health-Chex develop your curriculum, empower your in-house staff to train, and structure all collateral for future use.

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"The clinical application training and go live support that the Health-Chex team delivers is first class.  The professional trainers on Marie's team are not only experts in the subject matter, but also have the ability to clearly communicate that knowledge to their learners in an effective and meaningful way. Their training approach is intentional and catered to exact needs of their audience.  With their help, hundreds of thousands of users now have a full understanding of how to now just use our solution, but to make it an essential tool in their everyday work."

Josh Mahler
Vice President,
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“When I learned that Health-Chex would assist in the HIT implementation project at Lenox Hill Hospital, I knew right away the transition to the voice communication badge and the integration would be smooth and seamless. The staff at Lenox Hill Hospital fell in love with Kathryn Abelo. She was very professional and knowledgeable. Her approach is what providers look for when they are learning something new. They want their questions answered and Kathryn never failed to deliver. We were so impressed with the team that, I requested Health-Chex for each new implementation or expansion. They also assisted with the Huntington Hospital Nurse Call integration project. Regardless of who was sent to Northwell from Health-Chex, it was always a positive and valuable experience.”

Angela Measimer
Communications Administrator

Health-Chex, LLC

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